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Afrobeta Was Awesome But the Stoli Sucked at Scope Miami's Night Event

See the full Scope Miami Night Event slideshow.

There have been some unhappy grumblings in Crossfade's comments section in regard to last night's Scope Miami Night Event at Charcoal Studios. For one, Ted Jusko says: "Ha! what a joke - got 2 stoli drinks at bar last night..$19..! hardly any art on display.. nice trap a$$holes." And then Omar echoes: "Ted you totally beat me to the punch! Afrobeta played a great set but this event SUCKED! Horrible organization and overpriced drinks! FREE BOOZE?!? My ASS!"

OK, well, boo to Stoli Vodka. But yay to Afrobeta, the hometown DJs, and that crazy robotic gamelan orchestra. You can't hate on the music just 'cause the booze sucked.

Plus, the party people in Crossfade's photos look like they're having tons of fun. So it couldn't have been all bad, right?

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