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Afrobeta Reveals Debut Album Under the Streets

Slowly but surely, Afrobeta's full-length debut will see daylight. While a vague "summer 2011" release date has been confirmed, we've also got other news: It finally has a name!

Set to be released via the Do IT Music Group, Under the Streets will be a 13-track album featuring plenty of old favorites like "Nighttime," "Two Different Worlds," "As Long As You Like It," and "Play House," as well as a few others we are tagging as "new" because we don't recognize them from their titles.

But don't let the number of old releases stop you from getting excited about Under the Streets. Back when music editor S. Pajot interviewed Tony and Cuci for their Halloween party at the Electric Pickle last October, the duo confirmed they were looking to their back catalog and taking a stab at re-recording and remastering some of those tracks.

Particularly interesting is the reworking of their oldest release, "Nighttime." Its original version was cutesy in an electro-lounge singer kind of way. The 2011 version sucks out some of the sappiness (for the best), adding tings of dubstep and house.

Check it out for yourself. Download the 2011 version and listen to the original version in the "Nighttime" music video below.

The duo's next live performance is Sunday, March 27 at Ultra Music Festival, which is sold out.


Afrobeta - "Nighttime" (Album Version)

Afrobeta - "Nighttime" (Album Version)

Under the Streets Tracklisting

1. "Two Different Worlds"
2. "Do You Party?"
3. "Nighttime"
4. "As Long As You Like It"
5. "Play House"
6. "That Thing"
7. "Touch"
8. "Land Of Lost Lovers"
9. "Pistol Whip"
10. "Love Fur Life"
11. "Jealousy"
12. "The End"
13. "Love Is Magic"

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