Afrika Bambaataa on Hip-Hop: "It's Put So Many People Together That Politics Hasn't"

Three decades ago, Afrika Bambaataa found the perfect beat when he made the "Planet Rock." And it was that beat-breaking track that bridged the gap between hip-hop and electronic music.

But there's more to the Godfather of Hip-Hop than "Planet Rock:" Bam is credited for coining the term hip-hop because the rhymes were "hip and [made] you hippity-hop to the beat," he is the founder of the Universal Zulu Nation, and there's a petition going around to nominate the hip-hip revolutionist for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Last week, Crossfade caught up with Bambaataa, who was all the way in London, and spoke to him about how "Planet Rock" revolutionized hip-hop, the influential role of DJs, UZN, and his Miami gig at PAX on June 15 celebrating 20 years of UZN Miami.

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Laurie Charles
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