Aeroplane at the Vagabond May 27

The Italian popular music tradition of the past several decades has been an idiosyncratic one.

When rock 'n' roll was paramount, Italians were considered the least likely to rock your world. Their sole contributions during the classic rock era were mainly sappy, strait-laced pop stars such as Lucio Battisti. But their coolness factor would decidedly improve in the late '70s and early '80s when legendary synth pioneer Giorgio Moroder kick-started the futuristic Italo-disco wave, invading dance floors around the world.

Despite growing up in Belgium, Aeroplane's Vito De Luca calls himself Italian first and foremost, and his 21st-century cosmic disco sound owes a great deal to Moroder's enduring influence. Originally a duo that included fellow Italian DJ-producer Stephen Fasano, Aeroplane is now De Luca's one-man project, which suits the prolific multi-instrumentalist just fine. In just a couple of years, Aeroplane has taken the transatlantic dance music scene by storm with a classically melodic, crowd-pleasing take on nu-disco and '80s-styled Balearic beats.

There have been much-lauded remixes for the likes of MGMT, Sébastien Tellier, Friendly Fires, and even Grace Jones. And with 2010's debut long-player, We Can't Fly, De Luca has proven his vision and versatility in the studio. But it was arguably an invitation to mix the landmark 500th episode of BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix earlier this year that has firmly placed Aeroplane among the EDM heavyweights of the world.

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Sean Levisman