The boys of Adventure Club aren't good at staying out of trouble.
The boys of Adventure Club aren't good at staying out of trouble.
Agnes Patak

Adventure Club Kicks Off Its Tour at the Fillmore Miami Beach

Of the more than 30 hotels Adventure Club has been kicked out of over the years, at least two of them were in Florida, but no one kicked them out as fast as the Westin in Toronto.

"The general manager of the hotel was having a very bad day, and he seemed to take it out on us basically for no reason," says the Canadian duo's Christian Srigley. "We generally look homeless, and he didn't think we should be sitting in the preferred guest area of that hotel."

It's hard not to look haggard when you live the life that Adventure Club's Srigley and his partner, Leighton James, lead on tour. Night after night of drinking, partying, and letting loose in the booth takes a lot out of a person. Their rowdy attitude lends itself well to the live arena, but even between sets, the pair is always getting into trouble. Take, for instance, the time they decided to play real-life Fruit Ninja, the silly smartphone game about slicing produce, with actual ninja swords.

"There's a slow-motion video of Leighton severing his left leg," James says.

"I didn't know I was bleeding until you were like, 'Yo, you're gushing blood ridiculously right now,'" Srigley recalls. "I didn't want to go to the hospital because I was like, 'Fuck, we have an afterparty to play right now.'"

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They took alcohol off the rider for a few weeks after that one, which is to say they're slowly learning their limits. Musically speaking, that's another story. The pair just released "Limitless," a sweeping dubstep-tinged track featuring vocals by Delaney James, as the first single from their yet-untitled upcoming EP.

"I don't think we've ever been so excited to release the music that we're sitting on right now," James says. "We really stuck to our roots for this EP. There are two to three classic Adventure Club songs on there."

The guys promise to play all the new tracks and reveal more surprises on their upcoming tour, which kicks off this Thursday at the Fillmore. They're bringing it back to one of their favorite places, because when it comes to a new tour, they prefer to put their best foot forward.

"I think the shows in Florida are some of the best we have on tour," Leighton says. "I think everyone is just really receptive to all different types of electronic music. They love to party, love to get rowdy, and when a crowd is really into a show, it translates into your performance. You just have way more energy."

Adventure Club 9 p.m. Thursday, October 1, at the Fillmore Miami Beach, 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-673-7300; fillmoremb.com. Tickets cost $40 to $55 plus fees via livenation.com.

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