Add to the Halloween List: Tommy Lee & DJ Aero at Karu & Y

Even in 2008, Tommy Lee embraces the road warrior lifestyle with an energy that would make rockers half his age collapse, panting. About a year ago, he hit the road with DJ Aero to spread the word of their electro-sleaze DJ/production project. They criss-crossed the country, hit the Winter Music Conference hard, and kept at it. (Read past New Times stories on the pair here, here, and here.)

This summer, then, Lee picked up the real-life drum kit again for a tour with Motley Crue (which featured a, um, really mature segment in which he pointed a camera at the audience and screamed "titties!" a whole lot).

Now, he's back on the road with Aero, and hitting the recently reopened Karu & Y for a DJ gig on Halloween. If you are undeterred by wading through the neighborhood's real-life zombies, you're promised an evening of nasty, funky, vocal-inflected electro-house, spiced up with plenty of traditional rock and roll antics. Last year's gig by the pair at Mansion saw Lee pouring Jagermeister into the eager mouths of fans near the stage. Old habits die hard.

To get you pumped, here's a track that Lee and Aero helped create as part of their project WTF??!!!, a foursome completed by Steve Duda and the do-no-wrong Deadmau5.

Tommy Lee and DJ Aero perform Friday, October 31 at Karu & Y, 71 NW 14th St., Miami. Doors open at 10 p.m.; tickets cost $10 in advance from www.wantickets.com. Call 305-403-7850, or visit www.karu-y.com.

-- Arielle Castillo

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