Action Bronson Curious About Eating Transsexual Penis and Yak Dicks

See also "Action Bronson Pulls His Dick Out: The Perfect Panty-Dropping Meal."

Earlier today, unbeatable rap hero and chef Action Bronson told us how the secret ingredient in his perfect seduction meal is when he puts down the oysters to "pull out [his] dick." He garnishes said dick with a heaping side of Action Bronson.

"There's mad chubby chasers out there," he explained. "There's a whole community."

We then told Action about Mao Sugiyama, the transexual artist who cooked and served her removed male genitals to eager paying diners.

Action Bronson: What did he like cut it off with a saw or something? Did he saw his dick off?

Crossfade: No, he had the surgery and the doctor --

Oh, he saved it? So, the question is: how fresh was the dick? Honestly?

I think it was pretty fresh because they couldn't preserve it with anything.

So the dick had to be served that day. So he had the surgery and then cooked the dick that day? That's impressive. I mean, there's a whole restaurant dedicated to fucking dick in China.


You got to watch Andrew Zimmern, man. You know? Like, he went to China fucking, what was it? Chengdu or something and there was a restaurant that's all dick. He had yak dick, you know? All kinds of crazy shit.

Whatever, man. Let people do whatever they want. I don't give a fuck about that. Who's to judge anyone? Who the fuck is you? Who am I? Who gives a shit? Live your own life, do what you want. Have fun, be free, be happy.

By the way, turns out that the genitals were frozen. But don't let that stop you from checking out any of Action Bronson's sick-ass mixtapes and albums, including his upcoming collaboration with The Alchemist called Rare Chandeliers.

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