Abortion Art, Bieber Collabs, and Other Guesses for Odd Future's New Sony-Backed Label

Are you one of Tyler's "new f****t ass followers" on Twitter? We suggest you take his advice and download Bastard if you don't already have a copy. In addition to being one of last year's best mixtapes, the album should also help you make sense of the fuck-you-this-is-art approach to hip-hop prominence. After all, Tyler's Odd Future collective could write the best-selling how-to book on the subject.

Just yesterday, the blogosphere's favorite rap ruffians finalized a deal with RED Distribution/Sony, and gave birth to an independent baby label, Odd Future Records. Chris Clancy, the group's manager, explained the situation in an interview with MTV News.

"The way it's working is Odd Future Records is an entity that will live on RED Distribution," he said, "which will be run and operated by Odd Future. That means in regards to releases, art, music, schedule, we're not bound to quarters and that type of stuff... it's not just the creative control, it's the business control. It's both."

We can't help but wonder what crazy shit Odd Future Records has in store, so naturally we came up with a list of hypotheticals--everything from odd collaborations, whacky album titles, and fucked-up lyrics. Check our Crossfade's Odd Future Wish List (of sorts) after the jump.

5. Odd Future's Lullaby: Fucked Up Children Songs Remixed

Tyler's only 20-years old, and his BFF Earl, whose on parental probation at a Samoan boarding school, isn't even old enough to buy a pack of smokes. Point is, these cats are kids. It doesn't matter how many freckled "bitches" they've got, or how tall Tyler is, because most, if not all, of Odd Future was born in the 90s. Therefore, it'd be a great PR move if the LA crew made a children's album how to swag the fuck out before hitting puberty. 

4. Tyler and Justin Bieber Write a Song About Gang Raping a Groupie
Tyler and Justin are bros. They met in February, and almost certainly discussed what it'd be like to collaborate. However, Bieb's mom probably ruined everything because she doesn't "get" Tyler's brand. Well, once JB drops mama Biebs as his manager (or turns 18), Justin'll be able to do whatever he damn well pleases. And if that means rhyming 'bout backstage orgies with his alt friend Tyler, so be it.

3. Tyler Impregnates a "Bitch," Aborted Fetus Becomes Cover Art for Next Album
Take that, America, it's fucking art. Goblin hasn't even dropped yet, but we're already thinking of Tyler's follow-up. He can call it Fucked. 

2. Odd Future Gets Political
From the hypothetical song, "Fucking Insurance": "Had a bitch on the dick before she got sick/Got punched in the gut with my 12-inch stick/She said, Sorry, Odd Future, we can't cover yo shit/Maybe next time you'll fuck her with just the tip."

1. Earl's Samoan Phase
Ever since Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt dropped EARL last year, the lyrical mastermind's gone M.I.A. Some thought he'd died, others said he was in prison, but then earlier this month, Complex tracked Earl down, and reveled he's at a Samoan boarding school. If/when he's reunited with Odd Future, Earl will likely reference Samoan culture on his next album. Aside from Troy Polamalu, we don't shit about Somans. Join us, and brush up on your Polynesian trivia.

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