A Pint-Size Plastic Lemmy

I usually never delve into the world of designer toys -- oops, limited-edition figures with varying "colorways," or whatever. But this time around someone's obviously done their Googling and realized I'm a fan of Motörhead, and sent me a press release for this little gem. It's definitely gone on my wish list for whatever gift-giving occasion comes up next.

It's Locoape's new figure of the legendary Lemmy Kilmister, and while there'll be a mass-market-type version, toy geeks rejoice. There are, indeed, a couple of limited edition versions, available for preorder at www.lemmyfigure.com. 2500 will come with an "Ace of Spades" playing card (ha, ha), a D'Andrea Lemmy guitar pick, and a mini version of Lemmy's signature edition Rickenbacker bass.

There's another edition of 50 whose playing card will be signed by Lemmy, but by the time you read this those will probably be all snapped up by people in Japan or something.

The rest of us can just enjoy the plain-ol' regular-folks version, available at the usual suspect places like Hot Topic, f.y.e, etc. -- Arielle Castillo

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