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A New Reason to Catch Jersey Shore: ANR on Last Night's Episode!

We're finding this really hard to admit, but yeah, we watch Jersey Shore. Sure, it's kind of a train wreck, but aside from the predictable cat fights and nonstop drama, there's now at least one other reason we can think of to not change the channel: The music.

MTV has made it a point to start adding background music you wouldn't expect the cast to be listening to, and their latest installment is Awesome New Republic in last night's episode.

They weren't actually on the episode, but one of their older tracks, "2K3012," was. We've covered ANR pretty extensively here on Crossfade, but it's nice to see

them represented on a TV show that was filmed in Miami. We're not sure how

happy they were about the association with the show, though, as they

just recently tweeted:

"Just heard one of our oldest songs about the apocalypse was on Jersey Shore last night. This seems very appropriate."

What drives MTV's musical selections on their reality shows? We may never know. But we're happy that Miami is having an influence on their musical taste, at least. And we can't help but agree with ANR. A song about the apocalypse is perfect for that show.

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Christine Borges