A Festidan for the Rest-idan

Remember when you were in high school and house parties were the highlight of the week? The smell of teen angst, hormones, and liver damage thick in the air, live music pounding through sub-par speakers, and the incessant fear of cops coming and breaking up your party...really takes you back doesn't it?

It's time to re-live your youth tomorrow from noon to sundown at Festidan 2009. The event, is taking place at Bicentennial Park, with the website claiming that it is both the "greatest tailgate ever" and "most important party of your life" -- this is a  huge step from tearing up Nana's house when she was out of town.

For the $20 pre-sale price ($25 at the door), partiers and tailgaters alike can participate in pick-up kickball games, and embarrass themselves on the slip-'n-slides, all while listening to live local bands like Electric Piquete, The Keyrats, The Mauxms, and Atomic Lee, or sets by Conway and DJ Ethics.

Oh, and silly me, I forgot to mention the free beer.

To buy your pre-sale tickets now, visit the official website of Festidan.

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