'80s Prom at The Vagabond: Ten Totally Dreamy Photos

Your real prom was a total fucking nightmare.

The dress (or tux) sucked. Your date was late. There was no limo. You got busted trying to steal a bottle of Sambuca, some porn, and a marijuana cigarette from your older brother's stash. You smelled bad. You looked worse. You drank too many wine coolers, smoked some hash, and puked on the dance floor. You passed out in your own puke. You (obviously) didn't get laid.

Luckily, Sweat Records and your favorite NE 14th Street nightclub make an annual attempt to amend those tramautic prom night memories by giving the fuck-ups, freaks, and geeks another shot at doin' it right.

It's called '80s Prom. Just see the cut for ten totally dreamy photos from last night's ninth edition at The Vagabond.

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S. Pajot