6,027 Angry Ravers Launch "Boycott Ultra Music Festival" Facebook Campaign

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Is Ultra Music Festival, like, the Guantanamo Bay of music festivals? It must be, because buying early-bird tickets is torture, bro.

Alright, that was just for the LOLs. But if you looked at the sensational new Facebook page Boycott Ultra Music Festival, you'd think UMF was just the meanest .

It seems the raving masses aren't on their love drugs and they're hella pissed about what they see as evil tricks and scammery. Now, they're fighting back the only way they know how, with ironic "Likes" and all the bitching a fuzzy-booted youngster can muster.

UPDATE An Ultra insider tells Crossfade that there was no foul play with early-bird tix, just "15,000 tickets ... 400,000 people attempting to purchase."

UPDATE #2 We here at Crossfade have got an idea for Ultra organizers: It's time for ticket layaway.

UPDATE #3 Ultra 2014 has finally commented on its "necessary price increase" and established a "Fan Experience Committee."

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"We just heard that the owners of Ultra were spotted on a trip in Antarctica," the page announces. "Apparently it's so cold down there that they actually have their hands in their OWN pockets for a change. #boycottultra - Join the Boycott Ultra Music Festivalcause."

Damn, that was a wicked burn, yo. But let's look at the facts.

UMF released a limited amount of early-bird tickets at 1 p.m. on Tuesday for $149.95. Unsurprisingly, considering the insane number of EDM fanatics who consider this festival to be Shangri-La, the servers were overloaded and tickets were near impossible to snag.

But snagged they were, and those left out in the cold got really vocal and angry. The Ultra camp quickly apologized and thanked the fans, as well as made a second round of tickets available.

Currently, general-admission tix cost $399.95, plus fees.

Now that ticket prices are higher, though, the servers are running smoothly. But apparently, it's not because of decreased demand in the face of a price hike. Nah, it's just because UMF is really, really mean and hates dance music fans. Obvi.

"UMF dangled $150 early bird tickets over our heads and laughed at us all as the server crawled along, eventually crashing. The price quickly rose to $500 per ticket and then miraculously, the site loads fast! Join the cause, BOYCOTT ULTRA!"

That's the official Boycott Ultra Music Festival page description. The final ticket price they've come up with includes taxes and fees and rounds up by $10.

The page has some support. It's garnered more than 5,000 "likes" in less than five hours, according to its own post. And now it's membership is headed toward 7,000.

So, what is the ultimate goal? Are the ravers trying to shut Ultra down? Are they trying to force them into lowering ticket prices?

It's not actually very clear. But what is clear: The ravers against Ultra don't want to fork over anymore cash, and they're ready to leave Peace Love Unity and Respect at the door to get what they want.

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