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50 Cent Sues Florida Headphone Manufacturer for $346,429 Plus Future Interest

He's a platinum-selling rapper and movie star. He gets $90 out of your IRA every time you buy a Vitamin Water. He won a rumored $4-million lawsuit against Taco Bell, a hardworking group of first-generation Mexican-Americans who are guilty only of figuring out how to make both tacos and Doritos more delicious.

And now, as reported by The Bradenton Herald, 50 Cent is suing a Bradenton, Florida headphone manufacturer for over a third of a million dollars.

Sleek Audio is the company behind the Sleek by 50 headphones. And as a part of the licensing deal, 50 loaned the company $285,000 through a promissory note in 2010.

Now 50 Cent is in da collections club, demanding another $61,429 in interest plus future interest if they don't submit immediately to 50 Cent's insatiable hunger for money.

Stick a mousetrap in your wallet. Bury your penny loafers at the bottom of a snake-filled pit. Someone get the Tooth Fairy a gun. 50 Cent will not be stopped until all the money in the world is his!

You might think you are safe. After all, in "All His Love," 50 says that he is "trying to concentrate on hoes/Even if I fuck that bitch, do the freakiest shit, by the morning I got to go."

Everyone knows that hoes require tremendous quantities of concentration. But many great men in history (Benjamin Franklin, Hugh Grant, and Jerry Springer, to name just three) have been able to simultaneously concentrate on hoes and make lots of money.

50 Cent is taking this to a whole new level. Have you seen the video of him putting stacks of cash in the back of a Lamborghini Murcielago in the garage of his sick house? That's like a turducken of money.

Just don't forget that in that same song, 50 says, "I said I'm headed to the top bitch I'm trying to get it all." Watch out! He's could be coming for you next!

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