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50 Cent Calls Rick Ross a "Fat Boy," Says Early-Morning Shooting "Looks Staged"

Case of the Mondays?

At least you're not being ridiculed by 50 Cent on social media for crashing a $300,000 Rolls Royce into a building on your birthday after a failed attempt on your life.

The G-Unit capo thinks that Rick Ross' early-morning brush with death was little more than a publicity stunt, suggesting that the drive-by shooting was "staged" by the "fat boy" himself.

"Hahaha," Fiddy tweeted. "Fat boy hit the building? It looks staged to me. No [bullet holes] in da car."

Of course, 50's cold-hearted comment wasn't the first directed at Ross. Both rappers have been exchanging heated words on diss tracks, interviews, and the Internet since the late 2000s.

UPDATE Rick Ross has dropped his post-shooting track, rappping: "Sometimes I look in the mirror, I can't believe I'm alive."

UPDATE #2 Investigating the Rick Ross shooting, Fort Lauderdale police are sifting though surveillance video, but they're not discussing suspects.

UPDATE #3 In the wake of the shooting, Rick Ross has hired a 24-hour armed security team.

UPDATE #4 Today, the City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department released 911 calls from the Rick Ross shooting.

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In 2009, Fiddy promised to "fuck [Ross'] life up for fun" after Rozay alleged that the rapper gave him a dirty look at the BET Awards.

Shortly thereafter, 50 Cent released "Officer Ricky (Go Ahead Try Me)," a not-so-subtle jab at Ross's past as a corrections officer. In fact, it was 50 who outed Ross's law-enforcing past.

"Officer Rickyyyy, radio for backup/ See ya ass anywhere you know I'm gon act up/ You want play with me, when I don't want play?/ Have my niggas whip the skin off your ass in broad day."

In October 2012, the beef between MMG and G-Unit reached its boiling point at the BET Hip-Hop Awards when an altercation broke out between the two crews. During the scuffle, Ross's protégé, Gunplay, lost some bling, including an MMG chain.

Coincidentally, an MMG chunk appears in 50 Cent's latest video, "Major Distribution."

"It came from a jeweler," 50 tells MTV. "Jewelers, they made it. Yeah, we got it and ended up putting it in the video. That's what rappers do: Rappers put jewelry in videos."

Evidently, rappers also put others rappers on blast for not getting shot nine times. Or once, even.

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