305 Live: Rick Ross vs. Young Jeezy beef, DJ Laz with Radio Lollipop raises $144K and More in Local Hip-Hop News

-- So it seems that Rick Ross has walked himself into another beef situation. After self-proclaiming victory with 50 Cent, it now seems that Mr. Rozay is aiming his sights towards labelmate and frequent collaborator (via DJ Khaled) Young Jeezy. This all stemmed from Young Jeezy releasing a record called "The Real B.M.F.", that instantly started creating rifts in rumorville. And with Jeezy further fueling the speculation and dropping a freestyle over Ross' version of "B.M.F.", Rick Ross responded with a track of his own called "The Summer's Mine". To some it all up, it's a lot of back and forths about who knows and doesn't know actual drug kingpins. All in all, it seems like all of this could've all been avoided with a simple phone call and/or mediation session. Listen to Rick Ross' subliminal diss record by clicking here. [OnSmash]

-- DJ Craze interviewed recently with KiloKilo.tv and talks about a variety of topics including how he started out, befriending A-Trak, entering the Drum-N-Bass world and much more. Also look out for Craze's new EP, which should drop around October. [The305]

-- The Power 96 radio lollipop tradition continues. DJ Laz recruits Pitbull to greet children Miami Children's Hospital. They raised over $144,000 during a 36-Hour marathon. Amazing! Halo Media and Media On The Go partnered up to bring the official visuals. Click here to see the video. [HaloMedia]

-- South Florida super-group Mayday continue their onslaught in the world of music with a newly released EPK. In a matter of 6 minutes or so, the well put together piece really does sum up what Mayday is, was and will be. The video includes tons of footage from various shows, interviews, video shoots and more. Click here to view. [MaydayOnline]

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