305 Live: Rick Ross, Fat Joe, DJ Khaled and More in Local Hip-Hop News

-- The Rick Ross vs. Rick Ross saga continues. (Click here if you need to catch up on the background). But things are going to get a little more ugly. Former drugpin "Freeway" Ricky Ross is now trying to stop the release of Rick Ross the rapper's Teflon Don album, which is due out on July 6. There's a petition for an injunction that may indeed stop the project from seeing the light of day.

In related news, more @RickyRozay Twitter moments. "Rapper" Rick Ross used his newly created Twitter account to show a photo of his new blue Lamborghini he named "The Justin Bieber." Click here to see it. [Allhiphop]

-- Fat Joe has been considered a South Florida resident for quite a while now. He even moved his family and his mother down here while still maintaining residence in New York City. He bought a piece of land in Plantation in the year 2000 for $115,000 then constructed a 5,342 square-foot, 4-bed, 3.5-bath home on it that was completed last year.

Well, Fat Joe has now recruited high-end real estate agent Katrina Campins (of The Apprentice season one and Miami Social "fame") to list the house for sale at $1,999,999. Loaded with tons of extras and luxury furniture, its an  "entertainer's utopia," according to Campins. [World Red Eye]

-- 103.5 The Beat is long gone. But apparently, the DJs and personalities were free to go and work anywhere they wanted to without fear of a "non-compete" clause. With that said, Prince Markie Dee, who was a longtime staple on the channel (as well as a member of legendary rap group The Fat Boys) has been recruited to join the 99 Jamz family. He made his inaugural WEDR broadcast on Memorial Day at 2 p.m., and sounded extremely excited to be on the air once again after a couple weeks' hiatus. [The305]

-- And as far as DJ Khaled, he undisputedly deserves a "work ethic award" of some kind. While everyone was kicking back to relax this past Memorial Day Weekend, Khaled was out hosting parties nightly, hosting his radio show, and filming an all-star video, or "moooovie," as he called it.

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It wasn't just any regular video shoot, though -- it was for the "All I Do Is Win" remix whichfeatures a long list of A-list hip-hop artists. Getting them all in the same place at the same time must have been a feat in itself. Derick G captured behind-the-scenes videos and photos of the clip, which is directed by Miami's own Gil Green. [Derick G]

Quick Notes:

-- Valholla Entertainment artist Phatz releases the video he did for his "Over" freestyle. [Vimeo]

-- Quest releases his first single "We're Going Down", from his album The Reason: A Defense Mechanism. [DJBooth]

-- Rick Ross' DJ Sam Sneak talks to a group of 40 students who were survivors of the January Haiti Earthquake. [iBlog126]

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