2009 Urban Latin Music Conference in Miami, This Weekend

Do you swoon like a schoolgirl at the mere mention of Wisin y Yandel's names (even though you're not one)? Are you anxiously awaiting Aventura's upcoming Miami show with your Romeo T-shirt already ironed? Can you frequently be seen driving around town with your windows down, blasting the latest Don Omar track? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this bit of news is just for you. And if you answered yes to the last one, I beg you: close your damned windows. You're interfering with my enjoyment of NPR. Now, curmudgeoning old man schtick aside, on to the low down...

This week SoFla hosts the 2009 Urban Latin Music Conference, where all kinds of industry types will convene to share ideas and info in the name of music. Unless you are an industry type, or are hoping to meet some industry types with that latest reggaeton demo you recorded in your Tio Chicho's guest bathroom tucked faithfully beneath your arm, this may not interest you much. Yet. But here's where it gets good--the conference is a one-day affair, taking place on Saturday, November 7 at the Hilton Downtown, and includes various panels and such. But the real fun comes via various parties and showcases from Friday through Sunday.

Showcases and festivities include Kukaramakara on Friday, with performances by The Group, GURU and Tony Dez, conference after party on Saturday at Karu & Y featuring Alejo 305 and DJ X, and another party Sunday at La Covacha. The conference on Saturday will also feature a pair of showcases and a cocktail. For more info and registration, hit them up here.

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Christopher Lopez