2 Live Crew: Behind the Scenes at Circle House Studios in North Miami

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Yesterday at Circle House, a girl fainted just from being in the same room as 2 Live Crew. She fell while standing up as the guys were interviewed by DJ Mad Links. Thankfully, she wasn't hurt, and she didn't break anything, so the fellas kep it moving.

For Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis, it was just another day in a career full of dramatic reactions to their music and their presence.

And with new album "Turn Me On" set to drop in January, they're promoting with a string of new video blogs that started shooting this week. Here are some photos from the action.

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Fresh Kid Ice's real name is Chris Wong Won. He said, "Yo, yo, yo, just puttin in work, just puttin' in work. Fresk Kid Ice the Chinaman. That's all. It's all good. We just a got few mores songs to be mixed on the new album, and then it's done. It's comin' out on Nu Focuz/ Lil Joe Records."

Ice explains, "Nu Focuz is a label started by Marquis and myself, and it's distributed through Lil Joe Records it's a joint venture deal."

"You gotta handle your business so you can live long. You gotta have something after hip hop, so it's all good. We all got our own different publishing companies. Mine is called Chinaman Music. I had that for years."

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"Independent music is a good thing cause hopefully a lot of these artists handle their business because being independent to me shows like a sign of freedom. Basically do what you want, not stuck to doing just one thing. Sometimes you get bored and want to experience new things. I always like to record and try different things.

"We did record here a long time ago, really at the first Circle House up in Broward County, up in the Hallandale area, in the warehouses. We recorded the Move Something album there. We had a gold album out of there, so Circle House been putting out hits.

We was messing with Michael Sterling back then. That's Debo homie, the legendary Michael Sterling, (starts singing "One more chance" and laughs).

Lil Jon and them sampled his record too, for Usher.

We did a lot of stuff everywhere. We have a lot of fans everywhere in the world from Germany to Holland. You name a country, we got fans there.

Right now, the fans want new material so we inked out a situation with Lil Joe Records to put new material out, and we got a couple albums to go on it, so it's a good thing. This is a multialbum deal.

Crossfade: What you got to say about it?

Brother Marquis: This is Marquis, we in Circle House.

Smiley: I rap too, listen....

Brother Marquis: Like Biggie say, you gotta talk some sex

Smiley: OOoh, you sleep, that's all I do. I be like eat me, beat me, bite me, blow me, fuck me, fuck me, very slowly. I be on that shit too.

Brother Marquis: Hahahaha, I'm just fuckin around.....

Smiley: They be like, slow it down, slow it down. I be like put the pussy in your face like it's a fuckin race....

Brother Marquis: Let that pussy go girl, let it go....You keep it up. You need me to feature on one of your joints? We can just cuss eachother out.

Smiley: You too nasty....I don't know. But umm, Ima tell you. I'm workin with some people now. That'd be good.

Crossfade: Abebe, what you gotta say about it?

Abebe Lewis: We just refreshing, they got the hits already, not that hard to get the product back out there. You know, just shootin some new content. Got my man Bones Vision gonna be handlin video content, and pretty much gonna take it to the next level.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.