17,000 People Hate Jay-Z and Kanye West

As we pointed out yesterday, 210 people on Facebook absolutely abhor DJ Khaled. But that's only a fraction of the haters who think Kanye West is a "complete wanker" and that Jay-Z "is a disgrace to the music business."

Facebook is littered with groups dedicated to bashing all kind of random shit, including over four million people who "hate getting texts that only say 'K,'" and half a million folks who despise mosquitoes. But a big chunk of these hate groups are aimed at musicians.

Check out some of our favorite comments from around the digital hatezone known as Facebook.

I Hate Drake

Membership: 900+

Some of our favorite posts were "If you like Drake - your [sic] worthless," and "Drake has a vagina. Literally." Nelson Alexander suggest Drizzy "drown himself."

I Hate Jay-Z

Membership: 5,000+

Jay Z's arguably one of the greatest rappers of our generation, but don't let the 5,000+ people in his hate group hear that. Rhea Dehaney calls Jigga an "ugly piece of filth," and Aaron Lockwood wants Jay-Z to change his name to "Gay Z."

I Hate Kanye West

Membership: 12,000+

Kanye's a bit of a douche, and evidently, one of Facebook's most hated celebrities. But death threats? "I'm going to kill him and Chris Brown in their sleep."

C'mon, Cafalle Black Heart, that's not cool, man. And Fabian Williams, you're crossing the line, dude.

"If we all killed him at the same time what could the authorities do about it? the prisons are to full as it is..... a couple of hours community service?.... i can live with that...... how about you?"

Give peace a chance, y'all.

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