15 Richest Rock Singers: From Springsteen to Jimmy Buffett, Bono, and Paul McCartney

Face it ... We're a society obsessed with celebrity wealth.

Whether it's the 20 Richest Rappers, Ten Richest DJs, Eight Richest Musicians in their Teens and 20s, or the Five Richest Celebs in the Music Business, you can count on Crossfade to narrow down the ridiculously long, arbitrary lists published mainly by Forbes and occasionally by some obscure website nobody's really ever heard of.

Earlier this week, CelebrityNetworth.com published a list of the 67 richest lead singers in the world. That's too fucking many rich rockers. So we've narrowed the list down to 15 for your convenience.

Check it after the cut.

15. Don Henley - $200 Million

Eagles man Don Henley checked into the Hotel California money pit in 1977 and hasn't looked back since.

14. Bruce Springsteen - $200 Million

The Boss's latest record, Wrecking Ball, was released earlier this year. But it took a Democratic National Convention to really boost sales. Springsteen's "We Take Care of Our Own" was played immediately following President Obama's speech and saw a 409-percent rise in sales, according to Billboard.

13. David Bowie - $215 Million

Nobody's seen Bowie in forever. But rest assured that Ziggy Stardust is doing just fine with his $215 million.

12. Rod Stewart - $220 Million

"Forever Young" and set for life, two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Rod Stewart's worth more than Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, and Van Halen's David Lee Roth combined.

11. Dave Grohl - $225 Million

It's not just Foo Fighters money, it's Nirvana cash too.

10. Prince - $250 Million

How to make a quarter billion dollars: Sell upwards of 80 million records, earn 33 Grammy nods, and walk out with seven wins. It's that simple.

9. Dave Matthews - $250 Million

Who knew that there'd be that much money in mid-30s dad rock?

8. Phil Collins - $250 Million

The fucked-up part, Peter Gabriel's only worth $70 million. This feels so unnatural.

7. Sting - $290 Million

OK, when you've made as much money as Sting, you deserve to live in a castle. Rock on, King Gordon. Rock on.

6. Gene Simmons - $300 Million

When you consider the fact that Gene Simmons and KISS have licensed their name to thousands of products ranging from t-shirts to condoms, even a theme cruise, a $300 million net worth isn't that surprising.

5. Mick Jagger - $305 Million

Dude's got moves and money.

4. Elton John - $320 Million

Sir Elton's one of the most prolific artists of the past 30 years. He's also on of the wealthiest.

3. Jimmy Buffett - $400 Million

He doesn't have Warren Buffett money, but "Margaritaville" money's just fine.

2. Bono - $600 Million

Thank you, Facebook.

1. Paul McCartney - $800 Million

Poor guy would probably have even more money had he signed a pre-nup.

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