10th Annual Trinumeral Festval Comes To Miami in October with Big Boi, John Hancock & Friends, ArtOfficial, and More

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Big Boi

When something happens in threes, we take note. When Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper died earlier this year, everyone was asking, "Who's next?" The universe answered:

Rick Moranis

Art Linkletter. There are three primary colors, three types of matter, three little pigs, three stages of life, and the three stages of Trinumeral.

Happening on 10/10/10, Trinumeral is a three day art and music fest that celebrates the date that the day, month, and year are all the same number. This year's holy trinity of sight and sound is happening in different venues around Miami.

Spread across time and space, the three day three-way kicks off Friday, October 8th at Seventh Circuit Studios. The headliner, Los Angeles's Tokimonsta

plays a style of hip-hop that has a sentimental feel. She's dug through

the crates and developed a style that is unique and endearing, she can

make a room bounce, and she can make you remember your first kiss. Many

of Miami's most interesting and visually engaging artists will be

sharing the stage with her, inlcuding Otto Von Schirach, Panic Bomber and Panther God.

The ménage à trios continues on Saturday, October 9th at White Room, with Sacramento hip-hop duo Blackalicious. One of the most popular independent hip-hop groups, they've been spitting complex rhymes over classic beats since 1999. They'll be joined by local champions John Hancock (ANR) & Friends, bfgf, and Alex Caso.

The three-peat commences Sunday October 10th at Grand Central, and its top draw is Outkast's Big Boi. Opening up for Georgia's Soul Funk Crusader are Taiwan's Mochipet, Miami-Based hip-hop Group ArtOfficial and Dade's Dubstep Ambassador Juan Basshead.

But wait -- there's more! The festival will have wall to wall art by TM Sisters, Bahkti Baxter and Tao Rey to name a few.

The Trinumeral triple threat throwdown -- say that three times fast -- promises to be a mega-event custom tailored for Miami's "otra mas!" party philosophy.

Friday 10/08/10 at Sevent Circuit Studios (Moksha Gallery), 228 NE 59 Street.

Saturday 10/09/10 at White Room, 1306 North Miami Avenue.

Sunday 10/10/10 Sunday 10/10/10 at Grand Central, 697 North Miami Avenue. For more information, visit trinumeral.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.