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103.5 The Beat is No More; Spanish Station Super X Takes Over as of Noon Today

If you are a big fan of 103.5 The Beat and their hip-hop and R&B format, you may have noticed something different when you turned on the radio this afternoon. The Beat's yet another in a slew of stations to be taken over by Spanish radio.

Now replaced by "103.5 Super X" as of noon today, they already have a fully functioning site, and promises to play Spanish hits from the '80s, '90s, and today. That sounds an awful lot like 97.3 The Coast's old slogan, doesn't it?

"Based on the South Florida population being over 50 percent Hispanic and growing, adding a second Spanish-language format to the cluster provides us the best opportunity to mirror the South Florida market," Clear Channel Radio/Miami President/Market Manager Brian Olson says. "The addition of 103.5 Super X will strategically complement Mega 94.9. The combination of these two radio stations will provide an unparalleled reach of Hispanic adults 18-54."

Any guesses on which (if any) station will be next to undergo a transformation?

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Christine Borges

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