Deaf Poets Talk Bieber, The Band, and This Thursday's Yo Miami Kickoff Party

?Deaf Poets is Miami music duo Nicolas Espinosa and Sean Wouters. These two dudes sound like the Black Keys making love with early Kings of Leon in a '60s garage. And yet they've got their own sort of sexy, spirited vibe that's impossible to ignore.

This Thursday, Deaf Poets will be playing alongside the Edan Archer Band, Sirens and Sealions, and Arboles Libres at Won't You Be My Neighbor?, the Yo Miami kickoff party organized with The Black Key Group.

We talked to these two old friends, Espinosa and Wouters, about Ted Leo, the 305, and Justin Bieber.

Crossfade: You guys met in elementary school. What's something you guys know about each other that no one knows?

Sean Wouters: Umm, that's really hard. We're really open. Don't have any secrets.

Nicolas Espinosa: Well, Sean really likes Justin Bieber and denies it all the time.

What's the meaning behind your band name?

Sean: It's something we thought of when we were bored at work and a few days after we made the band.

Are you from Miami? Where'd you listen to live music growing up?

Sean: Yeah, I was born in Miami, and Churchill's was my fix for live music.

Nicolas: I'm originally from Argentina and my father was a musician, so I got my live music from him. Once I came here, I guess all around Miami, especially in school.

You guys are playing a lot of shows coming up, can you briefly tell me about them? 

Sean: We are playing locally with Arboles Libres, Jacobs Ladder, and a film festival this month. Most of our organization and show planning is directed to our tours this year.

Were you guys in other bands? Do you have side projects?

Sean: We don't have side projects. But we did play in other bands.

Nicolas: We've had quite a few projects. Three bands in total from the beginning of freshman year in high school. There was a time when we were in different bands. But later on, Sean joined the band I was in. None of which had any sort of success, but they were still really fun.

Any musical influences? What're you listening to now? 

Sean: Chuck Berry, Jimmy Page, and folk artists Bon Iver, Bob Dylan. Right now, I am really into oldies again. And new music ... Definitely The Drums' new album.

Nicolas: My Morning Jacket, The Band, Emitt Rhodes, Elvis Costello, Outkast, Westbound Train, The Black Keys, Jay-Z, and George Carlin. I love comedy.

What was it like opening for Ted Leo?  Was it the biggest show you've done yet? 

Sean: It was quite the experience. Both Ted Leo and Pujol were great acts and people. From what he and his band said, I think they liked and enjoyed our set. So we're hoping to play with them again sometime soon!

Nicolas: It was definitely an awesome experience. It was one of the biggest for sure. We've also played with The Ettes and Brian Olive. It's awesome that we get to perform with touring bands when they come down. It's an honor to represent the 305.

Deaf Poets with the Edan Archer Band, Sirens and Sealions, and Arboles Libres as part of Yo Miami's Won't You Be My Neighbor Party. Thursday, November 17. Found, 2328 N. Miami Ave., Miami. There'll be food trucks, live art, work by local artists, and booze, for a suggested donation. Visit