Chuckie's Back

Quick geography lesson: Where is Suriname located? The former Dutch colony is actually just a plane ride from Miami and perhaps the last place you’d expect as the home turf of an emerging DJ. But South America’s smallest country bore Chuckie, the latest sensation behind the turntables. Calling the Netherlands home these days, Clyde Narain has quickly climbed to the top of the house music scene thanks to tight production skills and remixes. (Let’s face it, remixing for the likes of David Guetta and Bob Sinclar gets you noticed.) But perhaps Chuckie’s biggest accomplishment is his Dirty Dutch parties, a series of events happening all over the world and the reason he is booked at LIV for the rest of the year, including this Saturday. Along with Miami-by-way-of-Morocco DJ Mednas, Chuckie will take over the Fontainebleau megaclub and give you good reason to pop bottle after bottle of overpriced champagne.
Sat., May 14, 11 p.m., 2011