Photo courtesy of Richard Hales

Society BBQ

With Society BBQ, prolific Miami chef Richard Hales departed from the Asian-inspired cuisine that put him on the map and tapped into his barbecue cravings. "When I'm at home, I'm cooking with wood and honing my skills," Hales told New Times in September of 2020. "There's something about leaving behind the electric and gas and using wood-fired grills. I've been toying with wood for six, seven years and you think you're going to control the fire, then it does something else. This is now what I want to master." With locations in the Citadel food hall and in midtown, Society BBQ offers lovingly smoked brisket burnt ends, pulled chicken, and ribs, available as platters or in sandwiches. For non-carnivores, Hales even offers vegan burnt ends. New Normal: Even if your aunt from Topeka can’t visit, Society BBQ ships its meats nationwide.