Los Perros

This Colombian hole in the wall realizes that in the middle of the night, when the alcohol has run dry or the munchies start to kick in, people don't mind paying South Beach prices for a hot dog, potatoes, and a coke, even if they are in West Dade. That's not to say that Los Perros doesn't earn its loot. It really is one hell of a hot dog. A Superperro, as they are called, comes with all the works, plus some Colombian condiments that bring new meaning to the word ingenuity. Pineapples on a foot-long -- who'd a thunk it? They also serve something called Salchipapas, which are fried potatoes and sausage covered in pink sauce (ketchup and mayonnaise), but what really drives the locals to this tiny place in an obscure shopping center is the music and the flat panel TVs that are always blaring good beats and hot bods. Like many of the joints around this part of town, the doors close when the action stops.

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