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Best Of Miami® 2007

Evil nemesis got you down?

Had enough of Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four? Need a heroic way to start your day?

Try our nineteenth "Best of Miami." Four hundred ninety-five choices of everything from top tango to numero uno pizza joint.

The old favorites are here: Nikki Beach took home Best Brunch Buffet. And some new winners: $40-per-shot coffee sold at Barton G. that's made with beans plucked from rodent poop. There's Best Commie Agent: Oscar Corral of the Miami Herald. And Best Prodigy: seven-year-old Lucciano Pizzichini, who picks "Why Don't We Do It in the Road" on his guitar.

More of you voted in this year's "Best of Miami" poll than ever before; the number topped 2000. And for that we can only say thanks, hero.

Best Of Miami®

Best Of Miami®