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Your Best, Worst, and Most Cringeworthy Comments on Bad Girls Lea Beaulieu

Fans of all shapes, sizes, and ages watch the Bad Girls Club Miami and why wouldn't they? Who doesn't love to watch female lushes beat the crap out of others and each other? It's entertainment at its finest. And people not only like watching the show, they like reading about it too.

We can remember when we first chatted with Miss Lea back in August. We knew we loved the show, but did anyone else watch the Bad Girls? And not only that, would people take the time to read our interviews? Um, apparently so. Lea's interview is the highest rated on Cultist's, with an astonishing 209 comments. That's a hell of a lot, in case you're wondering. So we decided to take a look at your comments about the reality starlet and you guys have some opinions to say the least. Here are the best, the worst, and the most cringeworthy.

So, here are a few of our favorite comments. And for everyone that left one, we thank you.

Obviously Written by a Dude
Tom says:
Very hot girl, but dumber than dumb when it came to her opinion on "loving" a married man. Absolutely retarded. The poor girl was just a "c dumpster" for a married man, not in love.

Um, You Realize You're Not Writing to Lea, Right?
alisha says:
Lea your my fave bad girl! I could see you and i hanging out n gettin tats together lol...I have like 9 tats. And I must say I love your hair! i'm gettin mine dyed just like yours! As soon as i saw it I was like! Thats it thats how i want my hair done! Lol!

Getting Right to the Point
Anonymous says:
i would fuck the shit out of lea....shes the coolest out of them all

Time to Get Better Goals
Micah Malia Carterrrr! says:
Everyone is saying how much of a follower Lea is.. I admit.. She might be a little bit of a follower.. But she is DEFINETLY STTIIILLL my idol! My dream is to meet her one day. I would go across the country just to meet her. She is a TRUE bad girl.. She's freaking sexy and she knows what she wants and when she wants it. & she always get her waayy(; Lea's got some balls. I love her.

Oh, God. This Is Our Future
mya says:
hey lea IM 10 year old I LOVE YOU AT THE BAD girl

Really Worried About Lea's Safety
Molly says:
All of you DO realize that it's just a TV show, right? Oh, and the First Amendment doesn't cover death threats. If something was to ever happen to Lea, your URL could be tracked and you would be a prime suspect after spouting off so much hatred... Pretty sure she's never done anything to you, so get a life, get off your ass and find something productive to do!

Your Grammar Is Amazing
Stephan says:
Lea be stuntin on da hoez that dont like her for real doe if u really dont like her den y u think about her enoug to get on here and say sht.

Best Name & Would Probably Be Our Friend
Louis Von Jesus of Phoid says:
These chicks are all dumb as bricks, it's amazing that we get quality trash like this broadcast! God Bless America! Also, I would fucking plow the shit out of Lea!!! She looks like a dirty, 50's pin-up model. Dynamite.

Can't Believe Someone Who Writes Likes This Reads Our Site
Traumanurse says:
I believe that Lea will do well in life because of her directness and because of her determination. She is dynamic, she is willing to listen to another view, but is quick to temper. I think that this will dissipate with age and experience. Her core suggests that she will be a strong and independent woman.
Lea, you have nothing but the open road ahead of you, girl. Make the right choices in life, follow your heart, and continue to carry that confidence with you. You will be successful in whatever path you take. Continue to be true to yourself and be wary of the superficial and negative presences of people like Kristen. She portrayed a fake smoke-and-mirror facade, and I was happy to watch you realize that she was just that-fake. She will get by on looks and manipulation for a while, but she has not ONE OUNCE of your strength. Erica seems like a much better suited friend. She is also strong like you. What you see is what you get with her, and I love that mentality.
Good luck to you. I hope that you do well in life.

Wow, Really?
kim says:

Miami's Reputation Is Totally Fucked... again
s1027 says:
First of all Lea is an embarrassment to REAL Miami girls, she cannot throw a punch to save her life! She is walking around talking crap about how she is such a bad ass but i saw those little pussy punches she threw at Kristen and Kristina and that is NOT how we do it in Miami AT ALL. So Lea you need to stop representing Miami women cuz you are giving us a bad name, us REAL Miami girls will knock a bitch out cold with one blow and ur ass didn't even make a bitch flinch. U R JUST A GIRL WITH A BIG MOUTH WHO CANT FIGHT FOR SHIT. try to come at a real Miami girl with that pussy shit and we will gladly knock u off ur stupid pedestal.

Made Us Giggle
Kelli says:
Karla Aguilar-Perez, you need to learn how to spell. How are you able to even log onto a computer being as illiterate as you are. Go back to school and get off these blogs.

Did you really just put your phone number on a blog?

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