Win McCarthy and Harry Crofton Bring the Weeklong Art Party to White Vinyl

It's entirely possible you've never attended a proper art party. It's entirely possible you're ignorant to the ways of the average artiste. It's entirely possible you don't have a cocktail dress appropriate for schmoozing and losing with brainiac MFAs and their pals. 

Well, don't worry. For this week's Loose Exchange exhibition at White Vinyl (3320 NW 2nd Ave., Miami), you don't need experience, specialized knowledge, or a costume. Art world virgins are welcome. And so are philistines. You could even come in sweatpants and call it a performance piece. Only thing, visits are by appointment only, so send head honcho Win McCarthy (winmccarthy@gmail.com) some electronic mail before coming as you are. He needs to unlock the doors. 

Running until February 16, the show includes work from McCarthy, co-organizer Harry Crofton of BCPBL, Frankie America, Mickey Ratt, and the Noi Nerds. "It's a mix of performance work and sculptures, mediums often overlapping," Mr. McCarthy says. 

The artiness will reach peak frenzy this Sunday February 14 at 2 p.m. when Loose Exchange holds its closing reception. Everyone's gonna be there ... The aforementioned cast of characters and special guest performers Joseph Gurls, Eric Svedas, Work, Lowla Lawless -- not to mention you in them sweats. Doors will be open that afternoon, no email necessary.

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