Twelve Girls of Bikini Basketball: Miami Spice's Aisha "Lee" Poitier

If you love bikinis, basketball, or women who get into both, Christmas has come early for you this year. The Miami Spice Bikini Basketball team has chosen its roster, and we're serving up photos and interviews of 12 of its newly named members. Consider it our Christmas gift to you.

A Florida native, Alisha "Lee" Poitier was born and raised in West Palm Beach and started playing ball when she was in sixth grade. With a dedicated fan base of four younger siblings, she values family. "My mother is my number one fan in everything I do."

Poitier is studying business administration at Miami Dade College after graduating from Santaluces High School in Lake Worth in 2010.

Her competitive spirit is sure to bring the Miami Spice some success. "I consider myself a perfectionist so I try my best to be the best." We like that in our athletes.

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"I grew up playing sports, such as track (discs and shotput), volleyball, and of course basketball." So how did she hear about Miami Spice? "Word of mouth. I was working with someone who...told me about it then introduced us into each other."

Tall and powerful, Poitier can play at either power forward or center. As a center, her strong defense would be an asset. "Defense is my biggest strength, then rebounding, and free throws follow."

"I believe I'll be a good asset on the team when it comes to both modeling and basketball. I'm great at being a team player and pulling everyone together. As far as modeling, I'll be good at helping the women with their poses and any other needs they may have."

How does she maintain such amazing shape? "Working out two times more than I eat (laughs). But seriously a lot of cardio. Running, Stairmaster, and dancing!"

She didn't ask for much this holiday season. "To continue to be blessed and whatever my younger siblings want they can have." We think we're the ones who are blessed.

The 12 Girls of Bikini Basketball, so far:
Tina Caccavale
Delilah Barefield
Mysha Love
Andrea Gomez
Melissa "Mel" Caplan

Jache Sharnise Irvin
Camreon Dyer
Catherine Gibson
Erica Caldwell
Aisha "Lee" Poitier

Catch Poitier and the rest of her team when Bikini Basketball games start in 2013. Follow the team on Twitter @SpiceMiami

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