Mural by Hox
Mural by Hox
Photo by Diana Larrea

Thirty Instagrammers to Meet Gloria Estefan, Explore Miami Marine Stadium This Saturday

Miami is a photogenic lass. From ocean to sky to swaying palms, it's hard to take a bad picture of our tropical paradise. And the graffitied, weather-worn charm of Key Biscayne's Marine Stadium, in particular, is an Instagrammer's wet dream.

This weekend, 30 lucky photo fiends have been granted all-access passes to Miami's historic landmark to shoot, filter and share as they see fit. They'll get to meet all-star stadium advocate Gloria Estefan, watch nine renowned street artists create mural masterpieces and meet the stadium's architect, Hilario Candela. And while you can't join them in person, you can follow the fun on Instagram.

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While all 30 have yet to be announced, we got the scoop on a handful of the confirmed winners (so you can follow 'em starting now).

You've probably heard of some of the photogs; others, not so much. Yet. Who knows what kind of viral fame these shutterbugs are in for.

The criteria for winning the contest wasn't about number of followers or professional chops. According to Jason Clement, contest organizer and the lead dude for the stadium from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, "You didn't have to have been to the stadium or have a million followers [to be a winner]. You just had to be passionate about photography, historic places and Miami."

The Trust got more than 450 entries in two days, Clement says. They scoured every account to pick the winners.

"We have people who have 100 followers and people who have like 58,000 followers," he adds.

The contest is part of a day-long event from The National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHO) and Friends of Miami Marine Stadium. Big announcements about the stadium's future will be made, murals will be painted -- history will happen.

To follow along for the action on Saturday, you can stay on top of the hashtag #miamimarine, which Instagrammers and attendees will be using to display their photographic works of art. And New Times will be on site, taking in all the action so we can report back to y'all next week. Because we love you.

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