The Vampire Circus: Five Questions With the Show's Real Life Circus Freaks

Like any evil villain, Count Dracula has one goal: world domination. And like most evil villains, he has a half-diabolical, half-comically unlikely plan to achieve it. "I'll launch a traveling circus with my minions as the stars," Dracula mused to himself in his lair in 19th-century Bohemia. "It'll be the perfect cover-up for my plan to turn all the souls of the earth into undead blood-suckers!"

That's the premise of The Vampire Circus, the big top act at Bayfront Park that combines the feats of Barnum & Bailey with the scary sensuality of True Blood. Thirty different vamp-artists show off skills like magic, acrobatics, and other carnival tricks. We reached out to two of them -- "sensual hula hoop vampstress" Ailona and Vlacius, a juggler who comes with a warning: "beware of his deadly skills with the juggling clubs and still having the time to strike to quench his taste for blood" -- for their bloodthirsty thoughts on vampire culture, the circus' best acts, and of course, Team Edward vs. Team Jacob.


Favorite vampire in history? 
Brad Pitt in Interview With the Vampire

Hula hoops don't sound very threatening. How do you make them scary?

If aimed just at neck level they could decapitate you very easy. That's scary to me. 

Preferred vampire death?
I would not choose any as I don't want to die. I want to live forever.

Other than your own, what's your favorite act in the show?
Dracula's. He is my father.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Team Jacob.

Favorite vampire in history?
Kate Beckinsale from Underworld.

What are the most difficult/scariest things you've juggled in your career?
The most dangerous thing I have juggled has to be women.

Preferred vampire death? (wooden stake, sunlight, silver, etc) Why?
Stake to the heart, because you would have to be better than me to take me down.

Other than your own, what's your favorite act in the show?
Wheel of death. It's amazing dancing on air, and I love heights.

More annoying: Sookie Stackhouse or Bella Swan?
Definitely Bella Swan.

The Vampire Circus opens Thursday, Oct. 18, and runs through Oct. 31. Tickets cost $20-$100. Visit thevampirecircus.us.

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