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The Top Ten Cosplayers at Florida Supercon

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This year's Florida Supercon was the best and certainly the biggest ever (as exemplified by crazy parking overflow and wall-to-wall fans of all ages). More attendees = more of an audience for over-the-top cosplay. The attendees took the opportunity to once again raise the bar with their creations.

See our favorites after the jump.

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10. Ahh! Real Monsters!

I'm just happy SOMEone out there remembers this show, a throwback to Nickelodeon's mid-90s heyday.

9. Warhammer 40K

This guy is a character from popular tabletop/video game Warhammer 40k. While he didn't end up grabbing a prize at the cosplay contest, the ability to turn a hero usually found in miniature form into a big badass is pretty damn cool.

8. Arcade Sona, League of Legends

This was one of many cosplayers from the game League of Legends, which is insanely popular with the pro gaming circuit. The buttons even light up!

7. Alice in Wonderland Group

Mariah, Amanda, and Wendy's group ended up winning the Master's award at Saturday's cosplay competition. Wendy (right) designed all three costumes.

6. Mana Man

It took "Mana Man" a month and a half and 3,700 Magic: the Gathering cards for this unique creation. No word on how many "I'd tap that" jokes he had to field that day.

5. Aquamarine

This jewel won Best Original Character in Saturday's contest. The character was not drawn from a video game or show, but from an art book, proving that you can think outside the pop culture box for amazing cosplay choices.

4. Nurse and Pyramid Head, Silent Hill

There's cosplay, and there's embodying the spirit of the character. These folks were just sitting there. In the Main Events room. Creeping the ever-living daylights out of everyone.

3. Beetlejuice

It's one thing to show up as Beetlejuice. It's another to show up as the Beetlejuice carnival barker from the last 15 minutes of the movie. Crap. We just typed his name three times, didn't we?

2. Damiel, Pathfinder

Damiel, the alchemist, won Best in Show. Not too shabby for a character that comes from a pen-and-paper role-playing game!

1. Hipster Disney

These hipster Disney characters didn't end up winning an award at the cosplay contest, but that would've been too mainstream for them anyway. We loved it -- so we put a filter on it.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.