The Ten Greatest Miami Movie Moments of All Time

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At times, it seems the outside world is totally fascinated with Miami. And why not? It's a city known for fun, sun, skin, great parties, and great drugs. And it all looks even more sexy and dangerous when projected onto the silver screen.

From the black-and-white era to modern-day computerized car crashes, directors have jumped at the chance to put the Magic City in the movies. Cinematically speaking, Miami is the perfect place to find your true love, make a new life, become a hero -- and it's definitely the best place for men to dress like ladies.

Yes, over the years, some truly great movies have been set in Magic City, and we've compiled some of our favorite scenes to make people who don't live here jealous.

10. Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
In one of the

greatest stoner flicks of all time, Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal

Penn) find themselves at the wrong end of the law in the worst way

possible. Of course they escape and run away to Miami where they happen

to walk into a bottomless party. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't carry

that clip (gratuitous vagina), but the trailer does a nice job of

highlighting the scene at 1:04.

9. There's Something About Mary

course the woman everybody loves lives in Miami, and of course Ted (Ben

Stiller) has no problem moving. In this sunny montage, the couple

spends time doing all the usual things young lovers do -- grocery shop,

race go-karts, play dress up with the girl's retarded brother -- and they

do it all in Miami.

Just Call Me Junior

Some Like It Hot


8. Some Like It Hot


in 1959, Miami had the reputation of being overrun with gangsters and

the kind of place a pretty girl can catch a rich old husband. In this

scene, Sugar (Marilyn Monroe) thinks she's finally got herself a

millionaire beau, but naturally, nothing is as it seems on Miami Beach.

7. Goldfinger

masterminds and super spies alike know the place to be spotted is the

Fontainebleau. Here, Mr. Bond (Sean Connery) shows off his steamy bod

and pre-feminist movement machismo. Who doesn't love seeing misogyny in

classic films?

Jet-Ski Pursuit

Transporter 2


6. Transporter 2


of macho guys with fancy cars, Transporter 2 also features a European

womanizer in Miami wreaking havoc to save the day. In this clip, our

hero chases after a villain by forcefully borrowed jet ski. Watch how he

gracefully swings the woman over his shoulder and takes her along for

the ride. But just like Bond, he'll only leave her in the end.

Miami Dreaming

Midnight Cowboy


5. Midnight Cowboy


this brilliant 1970s movie about life in low places, Miami shines a

southern beacon of hope. Joe Buck (Jon Voigt) hopes to make it big in

New York City, but Ratso (Dustin Hoffman) knows all along the real good

stuff is in Miami, like bingo and Jewish old ladies.

4. Scarface

we know it doesn't end well for the guy, but even Tony Montana (Al

Pacino) fell in love with Miami as soon as he hit shore. Where else can a

political prisoner rise to become the greatest gangster coke dealer of

movie history? Nowhere but Magic City.

3. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Clouseau may be as hapless an inspector as Ace, but he doesn't have the

Miami Dolphins to back him up. In this scene, Ventura (Jim Carrey) has

already saved the day and returned Snowflake the dolphin to her stadium

habitat but still finds a way to be a jackass in the last couple minutes

before credits.

2. Bad Boys II

Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Michael Bay and Miami together for a

movie, and you've got box office gold - not to mention a reality defying

spectacle of explosions and one-liners. In this car chase over the

bridge, Mike Lowrey (Smith) weaves through traffic at breakneck speeds

while dodging epic gunfire and falling cars. The way people drive around

here, it might not be such a stretch.

Act Like a Man

The Birdcage


1. The Birdcage


money, loose women and bad boys aside, what would Miami be without her

gays? Surely not the setting for this awesome flick. We put this one up

at the top because it has a happy ending, a gay ending shall we say, and

everyone gets happy endings in Magic City.

--Kat Bein

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