The Revolution Will Be Projected

A defining feature of the French New Wave is that it declared all other French film (except for Renoir and Franju) one long reel of shit, the kind of boast that has tragically disappeared from our otherwise hyperopinionated cinematic world. The guys at CCCV haven't called anyone out yet, but by declaring themselves the "Miami New Wave," they're definitely not stepping lightly. Even their name, CCCV, Roman numerals for 305 (get it?), seeks to encompass the whole county and begs someone to differ. As they say in their manifesto (Did you expect anything less?): "CCCV plans to sell out and bring CCCV with it." Judge for yourself whether this is just empty bravado, at their fourth annual Borscht Film Festival this Friday at the Tower Theater.

The centerpiece of the evening is a collection of 17 short films by 19 artists, commissioned by CCCV and corresponding to 17 neighborhoods in Miami, from Kendall to Hialeah. Ballsy? Yes. Balzacian? Remains to be seen. The event is free, so simply show up. For more information, go to, or just walk into the street and start yelling, "CCCV is a bunch of bitches!" and they'll find you.
Fri., Dec. 26, 2008
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P. Scott Cunningham