The Real Gallery Girls of Miami

No, we aren't talking about those spoiled twits on the intolerable Bravo series Gallery Girls. In fact, we'd much rather have seen these talented, ambitious fems who curate Miami's art scene on the reality show. At least that way we would have learned something about art.

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Thankfully, it's not too late. Read on to meet the real local lady experts who help run the Miami art scene.

Nina Johnson-Milewski of Gallery Diet
Favorite local artist: No favorites, just a few whose work seems to always be on my mind: Nicolas Lobo, Bhakti Baxter, Christy Gast, Emmett Moore, and Daniel Milewski.

What are your hopes for art in Miami? That we continue to participate in an international dialog while retaining our hometown camaraderie, accessibility, and generosity.

Best place to see art in Miami? Anything the fellow ladies in this story curated or organized.

Finish this sentence: Art Basel is: Absolute madness.

What's missing from Miami's artscape? More grant money for individual artists.

If you could own any one piece what would it be? I just bought a work that I can't wait to get home, Emmett Moore's Platonic Coffee Table.

Favorite medium? Burlap, terrazzo and wallpaper have all made unexpected appearances in recent works by my artists.

Diana Nawi of Miami Art Museum
Favorite local artist: MAM's upcoming exhibition, New Work Miami 2013, showcases some Miami-based artists who we (myself and co-curator René Morales) think are really onto something interesting these days.

What are your hopes for art in Miami? There's already a lot of great work being done here in terms of art making and the institutions, organizations and people that make up the scene here--I've been really impressed. In the coming years, I would hope Miami can continue to create dialogues with other national and international cites with vibrant art scenes; to really find its place in the larger landscape as a site where great art and great scholarship are being produced and circulated. I moved here because I think in its new manifestation as the Perez Art Museum of Miami and in its new building, the Miami Art Museum will be a leader in this capacity.

What's missing from Miami's artscape? I would love to see the energy and attention that Basel draws to the city take hold year round. Miami is growing and changing, and the art scene is growing along with it. The continued introduction of new people and ideas alongside the strong organizations and people who are here will help bring rigor and dynamism to the rest of the calendar.

Dominique Breard of LegalArt
Favorite local artist: Agustina Woodgate. She is a visual poet.

What do you bring to the Miami art scene? I hope to bring opportunities. And some editing.

Best place to see art in Miami? The best experiences are the sporadic performances and installations that pop up on the streets and alternative spaces. In the past year there has been a trend of nomadic one-night events and exhibitions that take place outside of the traditional gallery/museum setting. This brings time and place restrictions that challenge the audience to experience and respond to the work in proximity to the artist/cultural producer.

What's missing from Miami's artscape? Philanthropy, more media outlets that offer a platform for honest art criticism, and a good MFA program.

Favorite medium? Painting. It is the one medium that continues to bring me to a state of contemplation. Painting is truly captured at its fullest when seen in person, rather than reproduced on printed or digital media. It is also my preferred medium in my practice as an artist.

Chana Budgazad Sheldon of Locust Projects
Favorite local artist: Right now I am excited about work being produced by Agustina Woodgate, Carlos Rigau, and Domingo Castillo, to name a few.

What do you bring to the Miami art scene? Dynamic and unexpected site-specific installations by local and internationally based artists. Locust Projects' Out of the Box initiative, Bus Shelter Project, commissions artists to create new work for public spaces in Miami. As one of the few alternative art spaces in the Southeast U.S., Locust Projects supports experimentation in the arts and encourages artists to explore new ideas and new methods in their practice. 2013 will mark our 15-year anniversary. It is a really exciting moment and I look forward to the future.

What are your hopes for art in Miami? That it will continue its amazing evolution into a cultural city year round.

If you could own any one piece what would it be? Today, it would be a Spatial Concept by Lucio Fontana.

Favorite medium? Photography was my first love, but I love it all.

--Ginger Harris, electricblogarella.com

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