The Palace Bar to Host Robin Williams Tribute with Free Birdcage Screening

The loss of a great actor is something that affects many people, not just those fortunate enough to have known the talent personally. In the case of actor and comedian Robin Williams, his career and heart touched the lives of many, not only those around him.

His jokes and unique style of delivery can define an entire generation, and his dramatic works proved how deep Williams' talent pool reached.

A man of this caliber deserves to be honored and celebrated. And while in Miami we don't have the Hollywood Walk of Fame to pile flowers over the comedian's star, we do have something equally as fabulous: The Palace Bar.

Tonight, the South Beach establishment will dedicate its weekly drag show and Movies on Ocean event to the late, great actor.

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"The Palace Bar was sort of the inspiration for The Birdcage, and we wanted to pay tribute to Robin Williams because he was such a great man and it was such an iconic film," says David Miller, assistant general manager at Palace Bar.

The evening's schedule of events will include a performance by resident queen and host, Noel Leon, beginning at 7 p.m. Then, at 8 p.m., The Birdcage will screen and once the film concludes, Noel will do one more song.

Miller couldn't offer any additional information regarding Noel's show because he says they're still working on it. "This whole thing was planned today; we called Noel up in the morning and she loved the idea," so she's still reworking her song choices, he says, adding that Noel is planning on speaking about the importance of the movie as a whole, and especially in the South Beach gay community.

In classic Palace style, the drag performance will take place outdoors on their sidewalk seating area and the streets surrounding the bar. The film will also be screened outdoors, so it will be visible to passersby.

There's no cost to attend the Movies on Ocean screening and guests can continue to enjoy their food and drinks with a Birdcage special: a bottle of wine with your dinner.

So instead of staying home and cuddling with your cat and a box of tissues as you re-watch all of Williams' classic roles, pay tribute to the man with other fans like yourself.

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