The Grove Welcomes Darling Nikki

Nikki Beach, the A-list beach club, is expanding its monopoly on chic entertainment to Coconut Grove. The suburban-ish location will probably mean that this version will be a little less of the round-the-clock, drug-fueled, electronica atmosphere that the South Beach annex provides. Instead of cabanas they call the loungers in the Grove “champagne beds,” and the Nikki SoBe touts the mojito as its signature drink, while across town it’ll probably be a cappuccino served up in the European-style deli café. They have happy hours for young professionals, short ribs are on the menu, and dinner is over at 11! Though there will be differences and fewer of the drunken memories that the Ocean Drive outpost provides, I’m sure we’ll be able to find something there that we love.

See for yourself at tonight’s grand-opening, their signature White Party. The party starst at 10:30 and you must wear white and RSVP to party with Alonzo Mourning, models, acrobats, and other VIP’s. So call 305-476-3600 or email coconutgrove@nikkibeach.com and let ‘em know you’re coming. The new Nikki is located at 2889 McFarlane Rd. --Raina McLeod

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