The District Factory, Warhol-Inspired Pop-Up Boutique, Debuts During Design District Art Walk

Say what you will about Andy Warhol's hair -- the artist was one fashionable dude. So it makes sense that the pop-up boutique set to debut during Art & Design Night in the Design District will pay homage to the artist with its name: The District Factory.

Miami has a knack for taking something New York and transforming it into their own. As a nod to Warhol's original New York City based studio, "The Factory," The District Factory plans to put Miami's creatives in the spotlight (sans Sienna Miller).

The shop will boast a gamut of goods, including art, jewelry, apparel, and reconstructed vintage designed and created by local artists and designers. And what's best is that it will all be offered under the same roof.

More than 20 exhibitors are already set to sell at the boutique, with goods ranging from clothing, handbags, swimwear, accessories, jewelry (like the Heron and Lamb necklace above) and, of course, art. "It's a great opportunity for people that have online stores like on Etsy to personally engage with their audience and for them to get feedback from their consumer," says Grace M. Castro, co-founder of The District Factory.

There will also be plenty of antiques and vintage furniture for antique freaks, including some from Club Harivel that's collected from all over the world.

The space will be decorated with its own collection of antique finds that will also be available for purchase. Everything from the antique chair you'll be sitting on to some of the art installations you'll be taking in will have a price tag.

As a bonus, The District Factory will also feature monthly rotating art installations and -- why not? -- a Nail Bar Beauty salon and lounge. And of course, nothing would be properly launched in Miami without free libations. Specifically edited tid-bits of artisan films, most of which are silent, will be hosted by O Cinema. "They won't be films that you can sit down and watch", says Factory co-founder Chelsea Conklin. "We'll be showing some cool video artwork that some of our most successful artists have done in the past, like Warhol."

For now, the The District Factory plans to set up shop once a month during the Design District's Art & Design Night. "It's our hope for the future that we can provide this to the community on the weekends every month, hopefully, and just give designers and artists a place to pop shop," says Castro. She and Conklin are most excited at the prospect of helping to encourage the exchange and sharing of ideas. "A lot of times really amazing collaborations come from having so many different art people in one space, says Grace. "It will be like a breeding ground for creativity and inspiration."

Shop at The District Factory, 3900 NE First Avenue, Miami. Saturday, April 14, from 7 to 10 p.m.

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Vanessa Martin