The Average Girl's Guide to Swim Week: Ten Events You Can Actually Attend

Folks in the fashion industry aren't as vain as you think. Sure, they fancy a good fashion show of bronzed beauties gliding down a white, cold runway in swimsuits baring minimal coverage -- but it's not always about envy and Lycra monokinis for them.

Sometimes, it's about what happens after the shows come to a halt. Come on, you know what we're talking about: it's the ragers, the bougie exclusivity - dammit, it's the complimentary drinks.

The parties thrown during Swim Week are on another level of epic. But sadly, to get into the majority of these events, you have to know somebody who knows somebody who knows the sister of the promoter throwing the event. In simple terms: its near impossible to squiggle you're way into one of these things.

Luckily, we've rounded up a couple of happenings just as fabulous, if not moreso, than their private party primos; some of which don't even require a swipe of a credit card or the scent of dolla-dolla bills y'all.

Here are the events during MBFW that you -- yes, you -- can get into. Have fun, you crazy kids!

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Nycole Sariol