Ten Signs You're a Miami Art Snob

In Miami, there are two kinds of art lovers. There are the casual fans of gallery exhibits, people more interested in the after-party and the nearby food trucks than they are in the work itself. And then there are the Art Snobs.

These are the lovers of Art with a capital 'A.' They know all the Wynwood galleries by heart (though of course they're so over that scene these days). They've been following the careers of their favorite local artists ever since they graduated together from New World. And they're always down for a discussion about that fascinating article in the latest Miami Rail.

In a city like Miami, "Art Snob" isn't a derogatory term. It's a necessary way of life for people who are passionate about art living in a town where the culture -- in museums, in galleries, and in the street -- grows and evolves so quickly. A little jaded? A little too serious? Who cares? If it's all in service of Miami culture, go on with your artsy self.

Here are ten signs you might fall within Miami's arts elite.

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Ciara LaVelle is New Times' former arts and culture editor. She earned her BS in journalism at Boston University and moved to Florida in 2004. She joined New Times' staff in 2011.
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