Ten Best Things Do This Weekend in Miami

Happy New Year, Miami.

That's it. That's the last time you'll hear us say it. We're six days removed form the start of 2012 and calling faux pas on anyone blurting out well wishes this deep into the new year.

Consider this weekend roundup your final holiday gift -- we're back to normal next week. No more mention of it being 2012 or anything remotely associated with the holiday season.

Without any further adieu, we present the best things to do in Miami on the first official weekend of 2012.



  • Ricky Cruz: Ricky Cruz kicks comedy in the nuts via Mango City-centric stand-up. 
  • Laser Fest 2012: Whoa, this is mad trippy, son. Sorry, just had a relapse. Geek out at the Miami Museum of Science this weekend.
  • The Beaux Arts' Festival of Art: Celebrating 61 years, the Beaux Arts' Festival is back at UM.


  • Hannibal Buress: Catch a rising star before he blasts off into to Comedy Central orbit.
  • Ever After: Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon at a violin concerto, digesting Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, and Berlioz. 
  • Motherf**ker With the Hat: Kick off the New Year with a dramedy about "two men at a crossroads while the lives around them head on a collision course." 

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