Star Wars Cantina Cosplay: May The Force Be With You at Spazio Nightclub

Calling all Ewoks, all Obi-Wans, all Princess Leias and Chewbaccas. Come out, you Han Solos and Darth Vaders, you Yodas and R2-D2s.

There's a party for all you Star Wars cosplayers right here in Miami. Yes, Jabba the Hut, there's even room for you.

Brickell's Spazio Nightclub is hosting Star Wars Cantina Cosplay night this Thursday, letting George Lucas fans get their geek on with character performances, music, free vodka and more.

In anticipation of international Star Wars holiday May 4 (as in, May The Fourth Be With You), Spazio's setting up its own version of the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Cosplay's the name of the game; show up as an Ewok, Sith, or a Droid, and you'll get in free.

Once you're through the doors, there'll be photo ops with character actors and go-go dancers. Spazio's also advertising wookies, ewoks, and "slaves," which we're assuming are of the "sexy slave Leia" variety:

Girl geeks get added benefits; groups of six or more Leia lookalikes can score a free bottle of L'Chaim Vodka.

But as with all things nerd, the real fun's not in the boozing. It's in the gear. Spazio's teasing free surprise "goodies" to be given away on-site. And even if you don't score any of those (or if they suck), Cantina Cosplay night is still a pretty good excuse to finally buy that Jedi cloak and limited edition collector's light saber you've had your eye on.

So go nuts, gear up, and may the fourth be with you (a couple days early).

Just leave that Jar-Jar Binks guy at home, okay?

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