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Stanton South Beach Lets Guests Do Graffiti with Atomik

If you've always wanted to spray paint a masterpiece (but the idea of getting arrested makes you immediately incontinent) the Stanton South Beach has just the thing: the chic hotel is undergoing a $10 million renovation, and to make construction more appealing, guests can pay to leave their artistic mark — all under the tutelage of a street art expert.

For $170 per person, guests will get a one-hour spray painting lesson with Miami's own Atomik (most famous for his neon-hued grinning oranges). 

"These lessons will cover the basics from forming thin and fat lines, designing shapes and figures, to writing your own name," says Eyal Goldberger, assistant general manager of the hotel. "Using spray paint helps blend and fade these shapes, capturing the true essence of this art form. Atomik has a lot of fun with it and really enjoys the idea of sharing his craft with others."

The lessons are most popular with guests who come for meetings and want something different than the typical team building activities, says Goldberger. 

"This is a great way for out-of-towners to get a taste of the Wynwood art scene and gives them exposure to something they may have not known about otherwise. Plus, these murals make for some great selfie opportunities, so they can have a lot of fun sharing the art on social. We actually have designated selfie spots around the hotel, and the spot in front of one of the murals is a guest favorite for sure." 

The pieces will stay up for the duration of the guests' visit, and until the next group of artists sign up. (Plenty of time to get Instagram famous.)

"Introducing this activity has been a great way to spice things up and help visitors learn something that’s way out of the box, yet still very true to the destination," Goldberger adds. "We love finding ways to tie in the Miami culture however we can." 

Classes will be available to book through the end of the year at the Stanton South Beach, 161 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach. Atomik can teach a group of up to 12 people, but a second artist can come in to teach a group of up to 24. The lessons are $170 per person, or $2,000 for a group of 12. To book, call the hotel at 305-536-7700.
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