Sound Garden to Bring Ambient Tunes to Bayfront Park

Music makes everything better. And adding ambient tunes to the clamoring cacophony of downtown might just lower the stress levels of countless Miamians teetering on the brink.

That's the idea behind Sound Garden, an outdoor music lounge planned for Bayfront Park as part of the Miami Foundation's Public Space Challenge.

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Dreamed up by music lover and Miami native Yida Hernandez, the park will be an auditory escape for anyone looking to get away.

"I am a huge music enthusiast. Music is my hobby, it's my refuge. I work hard and I play hard, and music is the thing that helps me to relax and disconnect," Hernandez says.

"Being a Miami resident, I've always wanted an oasis -- a place I can go to escape the grind, the daily pressure of being downtown. I work in an office and I wanted a place I could get away and take a break. I didn't have that for many years," Hernandez explains.

Hernandez says that population growth in Miami helped inspire the project. "As a result of [learning about Miami's growing population], I did some research -- there's something called 'loneliness in crowds.' You can be surrounded by millions of people but there's nothing that connects you with them."

"I always thought it would be really cool if there were a place like that for working professionals --where they can go and take a break and disconnect, even engage with other people and connect with nature, music, and the community."

Sound Garden is planned for a specific location in Bayfront Park, namely, adjacent to Tina Hills Pavilion and between the pavilion and Chopin Plaza. It's the northeast corner of the park, Hernandez says, and it overlooks the water.

The park should be coming into fruition in the fall. Hernandez plans to have daily musical programming, probably by theme, like Classical Sundays, Jazz Tuesdays and so on. She also wants to involve notable local DJs, and hopefully eventually expand to monthly live musical performances.

"There aren't really many neighborhood amenities that provide a place for the community to come together and really engage with each other," Hernandez adds. "I see this enhancing the character and quality of life for the downtown community."

You can follow Sound Garden's progress via Facebook and Instagram.

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