Seven Crazy Cosplay Characters at Mizucon 2012

There were plenty of reasons to check out Mizucon, Miami's annual anime convention, last weekend. There were parties. There were panels. There were workshops detailing the intricacies of Japanese rope-tying, which doesn't sound all that exciting until you realize it's for bondage in the bedroom. (More on that later.)

But the biggest draw? The cosplay, obviously.

From bad-ass anime babes to proud Bronies, Mizucon had it all. And we got it all on film.

Is this guy supposed to be Hurley from Lost? My boyfriend circa 2002 on his way to jam band practice? Either way, dude, I admire your chutzpah and character commitment, but ... a pedicure is a beautiful thing.

The signs on these girls' chests read "Will Yuri For Pocky." According to her and her companion, "yuri" means "girl love." You know this recession's a bitch when you have ladies selling make-out seshes for Japanese wafer treats.

Guys, take a tip from the ladies up there. Don't sell yourselves short. Make us work for that bear hug.

The ADIDAS shorts. The Under Armour shirt. The face paint. That chiseled jawline. The deuces. This Brony (aka a male My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan) is so bro-y, he's in danger of imploding under the weight of his own metanarrative.

Let's give it up for the unsung heroines of Mizucon: The Moms. Where would most of the attendees be without these fine ladies? Pouting in their bedrooms while writing an angry Tumblr entry, that's where.

One of the more frustrating categories of cosplayer is Random Military Guy #6. Case in point? These entries into the Mizucon cosplay contest: They said they were from Medal of Honor, they were announced as Colonial Marines, and the chants from the crowd were unanimously "Call of Duty! Modern Warfare 3!" Set yourselves apart, soldiers.

This little tyke represents the new generation of cosplayer. At only 3 years old, she's already winning prizes and slaying us with cute. Looks like it runs in the family.

--Elisa Melendez

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