Pompeii to Pinups

This Wednesday, the World Erotic Art Museum will present proof that time travel is possible. It will take us back to sixth-century B.C. Pompeii, a city that prospered before tragically meeting its volcanic doom. Then the work leaps forward to the days of the pinup and the milky-white curves of Marilyn Monroe. “We will display slide shows of ancient art from Pompeii, erotic art prints, and sculptures,” WEAM founder Naomi Wilzig promises. “I will display some replicas from my own collection — bronze statues and paintings (originals are now at the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy).” Along with Jon Hul, a contemporary artist from Las Vegas, she has put together a wonderful exhibit, “From Pompeii to Pin-Up.” Hul will present a collection of his original artworks both in black-and-white and in color, as well as an array of limited-edition prints including pieces of Monroe and the queen of all pinups, Bettie Page. What do an ash-buried city and ’50s beauties have in common? The answer is simple: sex and art. During excavations, Pompeii was found to be full of erotic art and frescoes, symbols, and inscriptions considered to be just a tad pornographic. “From Pompeii to Pin-Up” opens this Wednesday and runs through January 9, allowing plenty of time to witness the cultural importance of sex in ancient and modern times.
Mondays-Sundays, 11 a.m. Starts: Dec. 1. Continues through Jan. 9, 2010
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Lera Gavin