Our Wish List for Sleepless Night Miami Beach 2011

In a city where revelers regularly debauch until 5 a.m, Sleepless Night is more than just an excuse to stay up all night. No, in this town, where folks often greet sunrise with another vodka red bull, the event stands out because it transforms Miami Beach into one giant 13-hour arts festival. Modeled off Europe's Nuit Blanche, the all-nighter features 150 local and international artists in over 80 Miami Beach venues. It's been held every other year since 2007.

We've just skimmed the highlights of this year's Sleepless Night Miami Beach, slated for November 5. Check the jump for announced festivities as well as for our own wish list for the local art featured (not that they're asking us).

Announced lineup so far:

  • New World Symphony: free concerts and outdoor projections

  • Sarruga - Barcelona troupe presents street spectacle FISHES

    (they recently brought giant insects to the Convention Center)

  • MarchFourth Marching Band -  music and antics from this Portland Oregon outfit

  • The Dream Engine - UK trapeze artist presents an outdoor "Heliosphere" performance beneath a giant helium ball

  • Livio Tragtenberg -  Brazilian composer presents interactive "The Cabinet of Dr. Strange"

And here's our wish list for the best and brightest in Miami's indie arts scene:

1.    Wine & Words: Spoken Word stage

2.    A Selection of Clifton Childree's "Orchestrated Gestures" arcade games

3.    Screenings of Borscht 7 shorts: Namely Pirates and Otto and the Electric Eel

4.    Sound Installation from Juraj Kojs

5.    Agustina Woodgate and Anthoy Spinello react fairy tales

6.    A live performance of Jillian Mayer's I Am Your Grandma

7.    FriendsWithYou's Rainbow City (or at least just that playground they created in Aventura Mall)

8.    Susan Lee-Chun's gold-lame clad Suzercisers

9.    Coral Morphologic's "Artificial Reef" (living coral videos)

10.    Zombie acting classes with Andres and Diego Meza-Valdes

11.    Samuel Lopez de Castro's Miami Rumble video game

12.    Natasha Tsakos performs her Ted Talk

13.    Nicole Martinez circuit bends to Barron Sherer's film projections

14.    Karelle Levy's on-site custom knitting

15.    Drinking and Drawing station

16.    Cristina Molina's Helium Hum on loop

17.    James Anthony on-site silk screening

18.    Ana Mendez's Joe Meek: A Tribute 

19.    Rose Herrara's Various Stages of Drowning

20.    A selection of Tawnie Silva's blow-up creations

See the full slideshow from Sleepless Night Miami Beach 2008 here. Visit

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Amanda McCorquodale