NPR: Gone too far

Predictably, I listen to National Public Radio. Last night, after an interview with an Iranian dissident they plugged The Nina Totin' bag named for Nina Totenberg, their legal affairs correspondent. Selling for $25, the online NPR shop says the knock-off of a Warhol (her mug is reprinted on canvas, splashed with neon) is in "extremely high demand." Apparently, radio listeners also have really bad taste and are unabashed about showing it. Okay, I can understand the $14.95 Car Talk Road Trip Journal. But a tote bag named for a reporter? That's a little much. What's next, a Diane Rehm rug steamer? Stained Ira Glass? A book of Terry Gross-out jokes? This is what happens when radio nerds brainstorm. Maybe I should get cable.

--Janine Zeitlin

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